How it Works

VDISQC is a Windows-based application. The application can work in several different modes:

Standalone Mode

In this mode the application has it's own database (can be either Microsoft Access or SQL Server). Data is entered manually or imported from Excel. The application provides screens to help you analyze and manage your data.

Database-Connection Mode

In this mode the application connects to your database (SQL Server, Oracle, or other) using queries that you design. There is a built-in query tool that allows you to design SQL-based queries and connect to virtually any database. This mode also has features that allow you to write back to your database. This mode is often used to connect to LIMS systems like SampleManager.

Webhosted Database

In this mode you do not need to have a database on your local machine but you do need an internet connection. We host the data for you and you connect to our database. One advantage of this mode is that you can view your data from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.